stick to it

Century Ballroom, Seattle

Proudly presenting one of our most challenging pieces of choreography. Check out the coordination required in this creative combination of drumming and tap dancing. Choreography by Josh Scribner. Video production by NT Media.

The Muse’s Dream

Century Ballroom, Seattle

One of our newest and most unique pieces of choreography, this work includes influences from contemporary and classical ballet. Choreography by Josh Scribner. Video Production by NT Media. Music by Feverkin.

Have a Seat

Jump Session, Seattle

From the 2015 Jump Session show in Seattle, WA. Choreography: Josh Scribner Video by Brett Dahlenburg

Josh’s Bounce

Ethnic Cultural Center, University of Washington

In a noisy, fast-paced world that caters to short attention spans, sometimes we forget to slow down and appreciate simplicity and subtlety. Here's ATP's artistic director Josh Scribner experimenting with just that. Music by Dave Grusin. Choreography by Josh Scribner. Video by Nicolas Teeuwen.

Sync or Swing

Physical Poetry, Seattle

Choreography: Josh Scribner Music: MiM0SA, PANTyRAID, Ooah, Video Production: NT Media


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